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Lava Rock Veterinary Hospital is a small animal clinic, only treating dogs and cats.

Services: Services

Emergency and Walk-In Appointments

​We are able to provide emergency care to patients who have had a traumatic accident, illness, or those that require emergency surgery. We are also available for walk-in appointments for patients that need care, who are unable to get into their primary veterinarian.


Lava Rock Veterinary Hospital is equipped with a full in house lab, ultrasound, and digital x-ray system.


​We are able to offer emergency surgery for pets that are in need. Our veterinary team is able to provide extensive surgical procedures. 


Our hospital is equipped with an endoscope. Endoscopy is a non invasive way to see stomach ulcers or to retrieve foreign materials from the stomach. Patients don't have long recovery times as compared to abdominal surgeries.

​​End of Life Care

​We know that end of life care is a difficult decision for pet owners. We are available for euthanasia and auqumation services if needed. We will provide information for at home euthanasia services for pets that cannot make it to our facility or owners that would prefer to have their pets pass at home. 

​​What We Can't Do

​Lava Rock Veterinary Hospital is an urgent care facility meaning that we will utilize a triage system for treating pets. We will not be able to do regular wellness exams, vaccines, or routine surgeries. This is so that we are able to see more animals in need of immediate care. We will also not be available for overnight or long term hospitalization. Our hospital is not staffed or equipped to handle this type of care for your pet. If more advanced care is needed we will provide a recommended transfer hospital for you.

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